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Our journey to becoming restaurant owners at Toriano’s was deeply influenced by our commitment to serving the community. It all began with a simple yet profound desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. We found our calling by preparing hot meals for the homeless and underprivileged children from Pinellas County Schools. Witnessing the difference that a warm meal can make in someone’s day fueled our passion to do more.

As our journey continued, we dedicated thousands of hours to operating a food pantry, further understanding the pressing need for accessible and nourishing food options within our community. These experiences stirred our determination to create a space where we could extend our mission and commitment to the community on a larger scale.

Toriano’s Restaurant was born from this vision. Our restaurant’s origin story is rooted in the belief that food is a fundamental source of nourishment, comfort, and connection. We are inspired to ensure that whenever food is needed in the community, Toriano’s will always step up to the plate.

Our mission extends beyond serving delicious meals; it’s about creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can enjoy not only outstanding cuisine but also the warmth of community and the knowledge that they are cared for.

At Toriano’s, we are proud to be a part of our community’s story, and our commitment to making a positive impact through food remains unwavering. It is this passion that drives us each day as restaurant owners, and it is what makes Toriano’s a place where good food meets an even better cause.


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Toriano's Daiquiris and Pizza

Toriano’s Restaurant was a creation inspired from the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Toriano Parker, Quanette Feazell, Anthony Hart and several other board members from the local non-profit organization Advantage Village Academy was responsible for feeding over 6,000 families during the pandemic. During our response to Covid-19 the idea of starting a restaurant to feed families resulted in us opening the restaurant, Toriano’s in Skyway Plaza located at 1059 62nd Avenue South St. Petersburg, FL. Toriano’s motto is to be affordable prices to all families. Toriano’s continuous commitment is to provide good food at affordable price.